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AOD-9604 description 

AOD-9604 is a peptide fragment (177-191) of the C-terminus of human growth hormone to which tyrosine is added at the N-terminus: Researchers at Monash University have found that fat-lowering effects of growth hormone are controlled by a small area near one end of the molecule. GH. This region, which consists of amino acids 177-191, is less than 10% of the total size of the GH molecule and does not appear to have any effect on growth or insulin resistance.

How does AOD-9604 work

Studies suggest that AOD-9604 is more effective than its predecessor AOD-9401 in its ability to stimulate lipolytic (fat burning) and antilipogenic activity. Like growth hormone, AOD-9604 stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (prevents the conversion of fatty foods into body fat). AOD-9604 activates the breakdown and burning of fats (oxidation) by a method that does not use the hGH receptor. It has its own mechanism of action independent of hGH. Laboratory studies in rodents, pigs, dogs and humans have identified the mechanism of AOD-9604, in which it primarily triggers the release of fat from obese fat cells and works to reduce the accumulation of new fat in fat cells and to increase fat burning.

AOD-9604 benefits and effects

    • AOD-9604 reduces body fat – triggers mainly the release of fat from obese fat cells (stimulates lipolysis)
    • AOD-9604 inhibits lipogenesis (prevents the conversion of fatty foods into body fat).
    • AOD-9604 mimics the way natural growth hormone regulates fat metabolism
    • AOD-9604 does not have adverse effects on blood sugar or growth

AOD-9604 possible side effects

Performed scientific studies and clinical trials have not shown any adverse effects of AOD-9604.

AOD-9604 dosage

Optimal dose of AOD-9604 is often reported as 200-300 mcg of AOD-9604 2-3 times daily.


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