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BPC-157 description 

The BPC-157 peptide (body protection compound 157) consists of 15 amino acids. This peptide is derived from a protective protein found in the stomach, and is considered a synthetic peptide because its specific sequence does not exist in nature. The researchers conducted a number of studies in rodents on BPC-157, which showed that it has protective effects beyond the stomach and intestinal tract. From its properties, its name was also derived, the abbreviation BPC which means “body protection compound”.

BPC-157 promotes significant protective effects and wound healing

Scientific studies have shown that BPC-157 is beneficial not only in the treatment of gastric ulcers and intestinal damage (such as fistulas and inflammatory disorders), but also in the healing and growth of bones and joints and organ damage. The researchers observed significant protective effects when BPC-157 was administered to rats with toxins. Current research suggests that BPC-157 affects several growth factors that are commonly involved in angiogenesis (the production of blood vessels) and other factors that are involved in regeneration after injury. Experiments have shown that BPC-157 significantly improves and increases wound healing, as well as significantly increasing cell survival under oxidative stress.

BPC-157 main benefits and effects

    • BPC-157 significantly improves and accelerates the healing of many different wounds; including damaged ligaments and tendons, damaged muscles and nerves, bone fractures
    • BPC-157 is highly effective in treating serious injuries such as torn quadriceps, severed Achilles tendons, and damaged or crushed muscles.
    • BPC-157 promotes tendon fibroblast growth, stress cell survival, and tendon fibroblast migration
    • BPC-157 protects the liver from toxic insults (alcohol, antibiotics, etc.)
    • BPC-157 treats ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases

BPC-157 possible side effects

Previous scientific studies and clinical trials have not shown any adverse effects of BPC-157.

BPC-157 dosage

Optimal dose of BPC-157 is often reported as 250-500 mcg of BPC-157 once daily.


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