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GW-1516 Endurobol and fat burning

GW-1516 Endurobol (GW-501516, GSK-516) supports the burning of excess body fat, while significantly increasing endurance and athletic performance: During intense and long-term physical activity occurs due to action of GW-1516 preferably to fat burning instead of carbohydrates and proteins, ie instead of unwanted muscle breakdown – catabolism, on the contrary, what we want to burn is burned – excess fat. Thus, GW1516 optimizes metabolic processes during training or other physical exertion in your body so that the primary fuel used to obtain energy is just excess and unwanted fat.

GW-1516 increases performance and endurance

At the same time, thanks to the GW-1516, sports performance as a whole can be increased by up to 40%. GW-1516 is a PPAR-β modulator (peroxisome proliferators of the activated beta receptor), which modulates fat burning through a number of common mechanisms:

    • By increasing glucose uptake into skeletal muscle tissue
    • Increased expression of genes, especially genes involved in the preferential use of lipids (burning adipose tissue instead of carbohydrates and proteins to release energy)

GW-1516 prevents muscle catabolism

This shift described above converts the body’s metabolism in favor of burning fat for energy, while using it GW-1516 prevents muscle catabolism or low blood sugar. GW-1516 Endurobol also increases muscle growth, which improves glucose tolerance while reducing fat accumulation, even with high fat intake. Which means the GW-1516 Endurobol is really strong anti-obesity effect .


For oral use GW-1516 Endurobol at doses of 10 mg daily, a metabolic abnormality was observed in obese men, probably due to strong stimulation of fatty acid oxidation. In experimental studies, GW-501516 demonstrated its ability to increase the level of “good cholesterol” (HDL, alpha-cholesterol) with high-density lipoproteins up to 79%. High concentration HDL significantly reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, in contrast to “bad cholesterol” (LDL), which in turn increases these risks.


    • GW-1516 Endurobol causes strong burning of excess fat due to increased glucose absorption into tissues and increased expression of genes involved in lipid utilization
    • During intense and long-term physical exertion, fat is burned instead of muscle proteins and carbohydrates thanks to the action of GW-1516
    • GW-1516 causes a significant increase in strength and endurance
    • GW-1516 can increase sports performance as a whole by up to 40%


Optimal dosing GW-1516 is 5-10 mg per day (1-2 tablets).


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