HGH fragment (176-191)


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HGH fragment (176-191) description 

The HGH Fragment (176-191) peptide forms a short specific part of the amino acid chain of GH – growth hormone (amino acids at positions 176-191 at the C-terminus of human growth hormone). This region of the HGH chain is responsible for the ability to burn body fat, but does not have a significant effect on insulin levels. The HGH fragment leads to lipolysis (fat breakdown) and inhibits lipogenesis, mimicking the way in which natural human growth hormone regulates fat breakdown, but without the undesirable side effects on blood sugar or proliferation.

HGH fragment and scientific studies 

According to scientific study that has been based on animal test subjects, Fragment 176-191 has been shown to possess the ability to stimulate the process of lipolysis and slow down the process of lipogenesis. What’s more, it has been determined that the peptide’s functionality is very selective in the sense that it will only work with obese cells in order to release fat. This has led to the notion that the peptide could play a key role in enabling an animal test subject to experience a more efficient means of weight loss. It has also shown that the peptide has the capacity to boost blood glucose levels over a short period of time, and can enable a longer lasting boost of insulin levels to occur, provided that the peptide’s sequential chain is arranged correctly.

HGH fragment benefits and effects

    • HGH fragment does have strong fat burning properties without any side effects
    • HGH significantly stimulates lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis
    • HGH fragment does not affect glucose levels & tolerance and insulin sensitivity
    • HGH fragment improves energy levels

HGH fragment possible side effects

    • Injection site irritation
    • Headaches very rarely

HGH fragment dosage

Optimal dose of HGH fragment (176-191) is often reported as 300-500 mcg of HGH fragment 3 times daily.


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