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Selank description 

Scientific studies based on animal testing have shown that Selank has the ability to increase serotonin expression. This particular neurotransmitter is known to regulate mood and also has links to the regulation of appetite and sleep. The presence of selank is also associated with an increase in the regulation of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is associated with functions such as cognition, mood, learning and motivation. The peptide’s mood-binding links make it a very effective aid in the treatment of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Selank benefits and effects

    • Selank very effectively suppresses the feeling of emotional tension, anxiety, fear and depression, has a calming effect, perfectly neutralizes the effects of stress
    • Selank improves memory
    • Selank improves concentration and attention
    • Selank improves the ability to learn
    • Selank helps optimize higher cortical brain functions – speech and thinking

Selank possible side effects

Scientific studies and clinical trials have not shown any significant side, toxic  or adverse effects of Selank peptide.

Selank dosage

Optimal dose of Selank is often reported as 200-300 mcg of Selank 2-3 times daily.


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